Gujarat Government's big gift to cow husbandry farmers, monthly assistance of Rs. 900 .

Gujarat Government's big gift to cow husbandry farmers, monthly assistance of Rs. 900.

Rupani Government's Budget 2020 was presented in Gujarat Legislative Assembly.
In Gujarat Budget 2020, the government has made a huge provision of Rs. 3 crore for the welfare of farmers and agriculture in Gujarat ...

The Rupani Government has announced to provide assistance of Rs. 5: 00 per month i.e. Rs.
Under this scheme, a provision of Rs. 50 crore has been made to cover approximately 60,000 farmers.
Today, Hon'ble Deputy Chief Minister in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly, State Estimates for the year 2020-21
The letter was presented. As the Finance Minister, he has submitted this eighth estimate letter. Chief of Estimates
Bishara is as follows.
The budget for the year 2020-21 has a size of `215 crore, which is higher than the estimate for the year 2013-2014.
An increase of about ૨૪૭૨ 12 crores is suggested. With Sauna, Sauna exports and Sauna Nish was at the center
The budget for the year 2020-21 has been prepared through continuous hard work. 9th of Gujarat Government
Estimates are at the forefront compared to the leading states.
Expected surplus of `2.18 crore in the revised budget for the year 2018-20.
However, due to net lead-offs, the revised estimate was એક 4.5 crore.
Expect surplus.
Focus on long-term development:
The export expenditure of the state is estimated at `13.5 crore, which is Rs.
Expenditure on expenditure is `21.5 crore.
Strong revenue streams:
Fiscal Year: Revenue for the year 2020-21 is estimated at Rs.
Fiscal Year: Revenue IQ for 2015-20 is કરતાં 6.5 crores more than the revised estimate of Rs.
The percentage increases.
Special emphasis on key areas of the budget:
હેઠળ Under Gujarat Business Reform Action Plan, people can easily set up their own businesses.
A conducive environment is provided by Ease of Doing Business. Exports of industries
Unprecedented. Recently announced by the Government of India due to the government's generous incentive policy
According to Kayash , the દ્ 2,4,000 crore capital registered in India by the Industrial Entrepreneurship Memorandum
Among the investments, a memorandum for an investment of ૩ 2,3,000 crore has been registered in Gujarat alone. Jacqueline
Gujarat alone accounts for more than 5 percent of the total investment in the country.
 Hon'ble Prime Minister has put the welfare of farmers at the center.
Implemented a scheme to provide સહાય 2000 per annum to each farming family in the country under various schemes.
Is created. Under this scheme, in a single year, about 3 lakh farmers of Gujarat will be directly affected by them A total of `216 crores has been received in the bank account.
In view of the damage done to the crops of the farmers due to this seasonal and erratic rainfall in the State,
Our farmer-oriented government has so far made the largest loan of Rs 5 crore in the lives of millions of farmers.
The aid package has been announced and the amount of assistance has been given to the farmers in their bank accounts.
Has been.
ખેડૂતો Short term of about Rs. 8,000 crore per annum through State Farmers Cooperatives as well as Nationalized Banks. The crop is harvested. The entire interest is paid to the bank by the state and central government.
Thus, Gujarat farmers get a zero percent interest rate i.e. interest-free crop increase. For which ૦૦1000
Provision of Rs.
બાદ Post-crop production due to unseasonal rains, droughts, droughts, droughts, and other factors.
I am happy to announce the Chief Minister's Crop Storage Scheme to prevent losses. This
Under the scheme, farmers were given સહાય 50,000 per unit for setting up small godowns in the fields.
Will come. The construction of this godown will be exempted with the approval of NA. 200 for Jane
Provision of Rs. સહાય Assistance of થી 5,000 to `20,000 per tractor to 3,000 farmers under agricultural diversification as well.
Provision of Rs. 4 crores for assistance in the procurement of Ninidha tools to about 42,000 farmers.
પ્રથમ The country's first Gujarat Organic Agricultural University established at Halol in Panchmahal Najla
Provision of Rs. 15 crores for this.
Animal Husbandry:
 Milk collected and valued by the Gujarat Animal Husbandry sector and by co-operative dairies.
It is a pioneer in providing reasonable prices. In addition to agriculture, there is also animal husbandry in the rural economy
Contributes significantly. CM Animal Husbandry Assistance Scheme to help millions of pastoralists in the state Under each herdsman for one cow per buffalo, for one month during the care of one animal.
50 percent of assistance will be provided on the purchase of 150 kg livestock. To dairy cattle
You will get a healthy diet. An estimated 15 lakh members of state milk producer co-operative societies
Pastoralists will benefit from this scheme. For which a total provision of 500 crores.
નિ Neutral College, Fisheries Postgraduate Study Center, Animal Husbandry at Rajpur Near Rahmatnagar
Rs. Crore for construction and repair of health institutes and intensive animal welfare offices
Our culture is very confident in life. Karna for the treatment of dumb animals
The service of 18 ambulances has been started in 21 cities.
Strengthening this service in Ahmedabad, Dodra, Surat, Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Mehsana cities Total `12Provision of Rs.
Krishna University:
કુલ Intensification of agricultural research and education programs for agricultural universities for a total of card  20 crores.

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In addition to the monthly assistance of Rs. 200 / - per cow, the government has also made a provision of Rs. 50 crore for farming per cow.

Provision of Rs. 50 crore for cow farming
10 thousand assistance will be given every year for cow-based farming

સરકારનો પરીપત્ર વાંચવા અહિં ક્લિક કરો. 
સંપુર્ણ માહીતી ગુજરાતીમાં વાંંચવા: અહિં ક્લિક કરો. 
અમારા વોટ્સેપ ગ્રુપમાં જોડાવા અહિં ક્લિક કરો. 
 the Budget for Gujarat for the financial year 2020-21 on February 26, 2020. The Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) of Gujarat for 2020-21 (at current prices) is estimated to be Rs 18,84,922 crore. This is a 13% increase from the revised estimate of 2019-20.