Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a Rs 14,000 crore "Self-Reliant Gujarat" relief package to revive public life,

Chief Minister Vijay Rupani has announced a Rs 14,000 crore "Self-Reliant Gujarat" relief package to revive public life,2020.

 trade, employment and industry in the wake of the lockdown in the wake of the global epidemic. In which electricity bill up to 100 units is waived. 20% rebate on annual property tax. He will pay 10% rebate to the corporation till July 31. While 6 months road tax has been waived.

Dr. The package was announced based on the recommendations of Hasmukh Adhia's committee
Former Finance Secretary to the Government of India Dr. The committee was formed by the state government under the chairmanship of Hasmukh Adhia to suggest the recommendations of the Economic Revival. The committee submitted its interim report to the state government three days ago. The package has been announced as a result of a comprehensive in-depth study of the report and a marathon meeting of state ministers, senior secretaries, social leaders, industry and trade associations, representatives of various sections of the society.

Highlights of the Self-Reliant Gujarat Relief Package

  • The government will help the workers to build houses
  • Electricity bills up to 100 units will be waived
  • 92 lakh electricity consumers will get the benefit of electricity bill waiver
  • 6 months road tax waived from 1st April
  • GST can be refunded till July
  • Loans up to one lakh will be available under the self-reliant Gujarat relief package
  • District Nodal Officers appointed for MSMEs
  • Pastoralists will be paid Rs 900 per cow
  • Dhanwantari chariots will be raised at a cost of Rs 20 crore
  • 120 crore allotted to ST Corporation
  • 5 taka electricity bill waived for small traders
  • Allocation of Rs. 350 crore for construction of godowns in farms
  • 20% waiver in annual property tax
  • Government's attempt to thwart GIDC
  • From the CM Relief Fund, Rs. 100 crore allocated
  • Rs. Details of Gujarat Self-Reliant Package of Rs. 14022 crore

10% waiver if property tax is paid by 31st July 2020
Exemption and relief in property tax, electricity bill and vehicle tax (Rs. 2300 crore) Commercial units will be given 20% exemption in payment of annual property tax for the year 2020-21. The Rs 600 crore waiver will benefit an estimated 23 lakh commercial units in the state. In which property tax due for the year 2020-21 of all residential properties in the urban area will be waived 10% if it is paid by 31st July 2020. This will benefit an estimated 72 lakh property holders and give them Rs. 144 crore relief.\

Forgive electricity bill of 100 units for once
Residential electricity consumers consuming less than 200 units of electricity per month will be exempted from the one-time electricity bill of 100 units. Hence Rs. About 92 lakh electricity consumers in the state will get the benefit of Rs 650 crore electricity bill waiver.

A total of Rs. 200 crore fixed charge waived
It has decided to waive the fixed charge of May 2020 in electricity bills for approximately 33 lakh commercial electricity consumers and electricity consumers with LT electricity connections for industries. From which a total of Rs. 200 crore charge will be waived. In addition, electricity customers with HT (industrial) connection will be charged a fixed charge of Rs. In order to avoid the current burden of Rs 400 crore, the deadline for payment of these fixed charges has been extended and the principal amount is allowed to be paid equally without interest in the four months from September 2020 to December 2020.

Electricity tax for small shopkeepers was reduced from 20 per cent to 15 per cent
Various small shops like grocery, textile, readymade garments, medical store, hardware, coloring, provisional store, cutlery, bakery, stationery, mobile shops, garages, shopping centers and malls as well as various services like lawyers, chartered account, travel Shopkeepers running agencies, transport offices, coaching classes, photo studios, beauty parlors, salons did not receive income due to the lockdown during the Corona epidemic. Therefore, for the purpose of giving them financial relief, the electricity tax for the three months of June, July and August will be reduced from 20 per cent to 15 per cent. This will benefit about 30 lakh shopkeepers / traders / artisans of the state. Under this, Rs. 80 crore financial relief will be given.

63 thousand vehicle owners Rs. 221 crore road tax waiver
The lockdown has had a major impact on the business of private luxury buses (contract carriage buses) and jeeps, taxis (maxi cabs) as citizens have control over transportation. In such circumstances, they will be given full exemption in paying road tax for 6 months from 1st April 2020 to 30th September 2020. Under which Rs. 221 crore road tax exemption.

Temporary power connection to contractors for government works
In addition, power connections are provided to contractors on a temporary basis for government works in the state's roads and departments such as building, irrigation, water supply and Narmada. As the work of the project was stopped during the lockdown, the fixed electricity bill charged during this period will be waived and assistance of Rs. 3 crore will be provided.

Incentive subsidy of Rs 3,038 crore for industries and businesses
Capital and interest subsidy of Rs 768 crore will be paid by July 31, 2020 to accelerate industrial activity in the state which has slowed down due to the epidemic of Kovid-19. This will give a big relief to the industries from the financial congestion.

Textile industries to Rs. 450 crore capital and interest subsidy
The textile industry occupies an important place in the industrial sector in the state as well as provides abundant employment. Such textile industries will be given Rs. 450 crore capital and interest subsidy will be paid by July 31, 2020. In the dire epidemic of Kovid-19

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Earlier announced a relief package of Rs 650 crore: In the midst of the Corona scuffle in Gujarat, CM Rupani announced a package of Rs 650 crore for 65 lakh poor unorganized workers, construction workers. Announcing this, Rupani said that the government would deposit Rs 1,000 in the bank accounts of 65 lakh families to help them financially in Corona's situation. In addition, the cattle will also get adequate fodder and at present when the trade is closed due to lockdown, all the registered cowsheds and cages in the state will be given Rs 25 per animal by the government during the month of April to avoid financial crisis. A package of Rs 20 to 5 crore was announced for this.