Will Lockdown 5.0 come to the country or not? A decision may come today.

Will Lockdown 5.0 comes to the country or not? A decision may come today. 

New Delhi: Lockdown 4.0 is currently underway across the country to prevent coronavirus infection. The fourth phase of Lockdown 4.0 ends on Sunday, May 31st. So naturally, the question arises whether the lockdown will increase or not? Or some additional concessions will be given by increasing the lockdown. Today the central government can take an important decision on this issue. The matter was the subject of an important meeting between Prime Minister Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah on Friday.

Special meeting between Modi-Amit Shah

Two days ago, Home Minister Amit Shah had a phone conversation with all the state chief ministers. The chief ministers had spoken to the Union Home Minister about the lockdown. Amit Shah later held a special meeting with PM Modi on Friday. He briefed PM Modi on the views of the chief ministers. This is the first occasion when Amit Shah had separate conversations with the chief ministers of the states. Earlier, before the end of the lockdown phase, PM Modi himself had a video conference with the Chief Ministers of the states.

Demand for increased lockdown

It is believed that several states have demanded an increase in the lockdown. Last time, the central government had asked the states to decide for themselves whether to allow the lockdown. This could happen again. It is likely that the central government will have a very limited role in imposing or lifting the ban from June 1. State Governments and Union Territories will decide on such issues at the local level.

When did the lockdown increase?

Prime Minister Modi first announced a 21-day lockdown on March 24 to fight the Coronavirus. The lockdown was later extended to May 3 and later to May 17. The lockdown in the fourth phase was extended to May 31.

Corona status in the country

ગુજરાતીમાં માહીતી માટે અહિં ક્લિક કરો
The number of Kovid 19 cases in the country rose to 1,65,799 on Friday. India has since reached the ninth position in the list of the most affected countries in the world by the coronavirus. The death toll from Kovid 19 in the country has risen to 4,706.