The Modi government is preparing to give the biggest relief to the farmers of the country amidst the crisis of Yojana

The Modi government is preparing to give the biggest relief to the farmers of the country amidst the crisis of Yojana / Koro and locust infestation!

 The country is going through a crisis of corona, which has taken a heavy toll on the country's workers and farmers.  The central government is reportedly working on a scheme to provide relief to farmers who are suffering from locust infestation due to declining demand.

 The central government can forgive the debt of farmers to the tune of Rs 1 lakh crore

 25000 crore relief in the first phase

 Farmers in crisis due to lockdown and subsequent locust invasion

 Modi government will give big relief to farmers

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 The Modi government may soon make a big announcement for farmers facing the Koro crisis.  The central government is working on a Rs 1 lakh crore debt waiver scheme for farmers across the country. 

 According to a media report, the government will announce the scheme in phases.  A debt of Rs 25,000 crore could be forgiven in the first phase to provide relief to farmers.
 Farmers are currently suffering huge losses

 It is noteworthy that the Corona virus has hit farmers hard.  Demand for fruits and vegetables in the country has also declined due to the lockdown.  Due to declining demand, farmers are not getting crop prices in the market.  Apart from this, ready wheat, mustard etc. could not be sold during the season.  

The economic downturn on farmers has also increased due to the lockdown.  Farmers did not get a fair price for the crop in the market.  Onions are being sold at Rs 500 per quintal in the Delhi market.

 The situation is aggravated by the invasion of locusts

 Many farmers are also shouting trahimam because of locusts back in the midst of the Koro crisis.  In states like Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat, locusts are causing havoc which is ruining the farmers.  These locusts are clearing the fields in one fell swoop.  If the government waives the debt in this way, they can get a big relief.

 Notably, the central government has announced a self-reliance package to revive the economy, which has been crippled by the Corona virus.  

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The package also advertises for agriculture and allied sectors.