Prime Minister Narendra Modi LIVE will address the nation once again on tonight at 8 p.m.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the nation once again tonight at 8 p.m. Then it is certain that Corona will talk about viruses and lockdowns. Even before this, Modi has addressed the nation several times at 8 pm.

The Prime Minister will address the nation at 8 am today
Why choose the same time of 8 o'clock?

When it comes to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's eight o'clock address, the ears of the countrymen are raised. Since 2016, Prime Minister Modi has told the countrymen the most shocking decisions at this time. Whether it was to provide information about the ban or to announce a lockdown of the Corona virus, PM Modi arrived at 8 pm. Let us know when and how Modi addressed till 8 pm ...

After all, why does PM Modi come at eight o'clock?

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It is not that the Prime Minister has addressed the country only at 8 p.m. But this is prime time. The whole family usually sits together. It's dinner time. In such a situation, this is the most special time for the country. It is possible that this time PM Modi has chosen this time. If Modi wants to say something at this time, it means that the matter is big and history proves it.

November 8, 2016 (note ban information)

On November 8, 2016, all eyes were on U.S. It was on the presidential election that Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly appeared in front of the countrymen for the first time. Also made a shocking announcement. He said the 500 and 1000 notes would no longer be valid.

When Modi spoke about 'Mission Shakti'

Addressing the nation in March 2019, Modi said that India's 'Mission Shakti' project has been a success. In which India smashed a satellite in space in 3 minutes.

Address once again at 8 p.m.

The year 2019 is the month of August. PM Modi once again announced his address at 8 pm. People got scared again. Felt that again something would be like a note. However this time it was nothing like that. Then Modi came forward and only talked about Jammu and Kashmir. The government then removed Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

March 19, 2020 (public curfew)

On the night of March 19, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared once again. He spoke to the nation about the coronavirus and at 8 pm on Sunday, PM Modi addressed the countrymen about the coronavirus. 

He announced a public curfew on Sunday (March 22) and appealed to the people to cooperate. At five o'clock that day, they were asked to thank the people for medical services, etc., by clapping for five minutes.

Then came the front at 8 a.m. and imposed a 21-day lockdown

On March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again appeared before the people of the country. He said the country needs at least 21 days to fight Corona. Announced a 21-day lockdown until April 13 at 8 p.m.

Lockdown extended until May 3

Prime Minister Modi once again addressed the nation on April 14. PM Modi then extended the lockdown in the war against Korona till May 3.

No big announcement in the 10 a.m. address

It may be mentioned that there was no such big announcement during the lockdown on April 14 when PM Modi addressed the nation at 10 am. 

This time he asked the public for 7 promises including adherence to lockdown and attention to social distance.

If we look at this, it can be said for sure that there will be some big and important announcement in PM Modi's address at 8 o'clock.

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If you are also a ration card holder then there is some relief news for you. The central government has changed a rule.

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The rule said that the food ministry has extended the date for attaching ration cards to Aadhaar till September 30. The government's decision is expected to benefit millions of beneficiaries.