One Nation One Ration Card Scheme to be Introduced,

Corona Virus: One Nation One Ration Card Scheme to be Introduced - Nirmala Sitharaman

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman told a press conference that there was a lockdown but the government was worried about the people.

He said that during the Kovid-19 epidemic, transactions were carried out through banks, and about Rs 63 lakh was sanctioned in agriculture.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman held a press conference for the second time on Thursday, giving information on how the money has been allocated in this economic package.

The main points of his press conference are as follows:

Rs 29,500 crore has been provided by NABARD to rural banks and co-operative banks.
States have been given Rs 11,000 crore to help the urban poor.
In the last two months, the central government has been providing shelter homes and three meals a day to the urban poor who do not have a home.

11,000 crore has been provided through the State Disaster Fund. States were allowed to use disaster funds.

12,000 self-help groups have produced 30 million masks and sanitizers. There are 7,200 new self-help groups in the country. A pilot project was started in Gujarat to help through self-help groups, it will be implemented all over the country.

Coronavirus: Why do China and Australia face each other?

Australia says China's role in the origin of the coronavirus must be investigated.

Now the cause of the trade dispute between Australia and China has become the transmission of the coronavirus. There are fears that both countries will be harmed.

Australian Trade Minister Simon Birmingham is trying to negotiate with Chinese Commerce Minister Zhang Shen, who earlier this week imposed a ban on imports from Australia.

Birmingham said on May 13 that millions had died as a result of the epidemic. Millions have lost their jobs.

They say the lives of millions have been affected. We can only hope for at least one impartial inquiry. Australia is not alone in making such a demand.

Railways announced the cancellation of all book tickets till June 30

Indian Railways has canceled all booked tickets till June 30. Rupees for canceled tickets will be refunded.

However, the railway department says labor trains and special trains will continue. Train service in India has been suspended since the lockdown began.

Indian Railways cancels all tickets booked to travel on or before June 30th, 2020. Refunds given to all tickets booked till 30th June 2020. All special trains and Shramik Special train to however ply as usual.

The railways were running only freight trains. After which labor trains were started to send the laborers back to their homeland.

Which is taking workers from different states to their homeland. Simultaneously, the railway department has started special trains from Delhi to various states.

All of which are AC coaches and are taking tourists to different states. So far train transactions in the country have not been completely undone.

14 workers killed in two accidents

Eight foreign workers traveling from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh have died in an accident.

The victims were all from Uttar Pradesh. The accident took place in Guna district of Madhya Pradesh.

More than 50 workers were also injured in the accident. Who is undergoing treatment?

All these laborers were going to Uttar Pradesh in a truck from Maharashtra. The truck collided with a bus late Wednesday night.

The crash crime occurred near the Kent PS area. According to the news agency ANI, more than 50 workers have been injured and are undergoing treatment.

Another incident took place on the Delhi-Saharanpur highway. In which a bus crushed six laborers. The incident took place in Muzaffarnagar district.

Coronavirus cases cross 4.3 million worldwide

The number of people infected with the corona virus in the world has crossed 43 lakh 42 thousand. While two lakh 96 thousand people have died so far.

Coronavirus has infected 1.38 million people in the United States. The death toll has risen to 84,059.

The death toll from the coronavirus has risen to 33,000 in Britain. 494 people died in Britain on Wednesday. The total death toll has reached 33,186.

The death toll from the corona rose to 27,074 in France from 83 on Wednesday, with 2,428 patients still admitted to the ICU.

A total of 184 people were killed in Spain and 195 in Italy on Wednesday. 27,104 people died in Spain and 31,106 in Italy.

In Brazil, 749 people have died in the last 24 hours. The death toll from the coronavirus has risen to 13,000 in Brazil.

The total number of positive cases in India has crossed 78 thousand

The news agency ANI quotes the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as saying that the total number of positive cases of the corona virus in India has crossed 78,000.

The total number of cases in the country is 78003. In the last 24 hours, 3722 positive cases of coronavirus have been reported in the country. While 134 people have died.

The total number of active cases in the country is 49219. The total death toll has reached 2549. Recovered so far in India