MGNREGA in the state under many working-poor families Financial support.

 Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan and MGNREGA in the state under many working-poor families  Financial support.

As a result of the Sujalam Sufalam Jal Abhiyan and MGNREGA works carried out across the state following the decisions of Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, many working-poor families of the state got financial support in the current state of lockdown.

MNREGA Full Detils: 
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  • MNREGA scheme
  • The purpose of the scheme
  • Key points of MNREGA scheme
  • Works to be undertaken under the scheme
  • The purpose of the scheme
  • The objective of the scheme is to provide employment to at least 100 days per family in a financial year to increase the livelihood opportunities of every family living in rural areas of the state whose adult members are engaged in unskilled labor. The rural poor should get minimum employment.

  • In the days of drought and employment, rural people should get jobs
  • To prevent migration from rural areas to the city
  • To create sustainable resources that can be useful in rural development and to do holistic work
  • Key points of MNREGA scheme
  • The wages are paid in proportion to the work done. In this regard, a daily wage of Rs. 15 / - has been fixed from 1/4/2018 for the workers of special NREGA to get reasonable wages.

Sujalam Sufalam Yojana  -

5 km The long Sujalam Sufalam Spreading Canal passes through seven districts from Mahi river to Banas river. And ૭ crosses the railway la in. In addition, more than 200 structures on drains have been completed on this canal.

The benefits of Sujalam Sufalam Spreading Canal have started. Farmers use this canal to draw water. In addition, groundwater recharge has increased the flow of water into the abyss.

Lifting Schemes (Narmada Main Canal to North Gujarat): -
It is planned to fill nine reservoirs in North Gujarat area with additional flood water from Narmada through pipeline. Eight pipelines have been completed. Work on three pipelines, Narmada Main Canal to Dantiwada, Narmada Main Canal to Watrak-Majam-Meshwo is nearing completion. While Karannagar to Dhandhusan (Kadi-Adundra to Dharoi) pipeline is in progress. This will benefit 21,000 hectares of command area of ​​Dharoi, Dantiwada, Sipu, Watrak, Majum and Meshwo reservoir.
Recruitment Regulators / Bandhara (Kutch): -
For Kutch region, 1 min of Narmada under Sujalam-Suflam scheme. a. Forty dams have been constructed to use the extra flood water and prevent salt intrusion. Three dams are under progress. 1 min for Kutch. a. Other works related to foot water use will be undertaken.

Panam High Level Canal (Tribe): -
Under the Sujalam Sufalam scheme, the Panam High Level Canal has an estimated cost of Rs. 150.71 crore work is under progress for 15000 hectare area of ​​Panchmahal district, Godhra and Lunawada talukas. Under this scheme 4.5 km length tunneling, approach channel, head regulator, link canal and gorge training work has been completed. J. Main canal and Dr. 80% of the work of the main canal has been completed. Work on the distribution network is in progress.

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Under the Sujalam Sufalam scheme, the Kadana Left Bank High Level Canal (estimated at Rs. 3.5 crore) benefits an area of ​​2000 hectares in Kadana, Santrampur and Lunawada talukas of Panchmahal district. The work is nearing completion. Works of Kadana High Level Canal Phase-II Distribution Network are in progress.