In the midst of a lockdown, the government can give a big gift to a person with a salary of less than Rs 30,000...

5000 salaries to barber, driver, and laundress including power waiver, this BJP government announced relief package.  
In the midst of a lockdown, the government can give a big gift to a person with a salary of less than Rs 30,000...

The government is making every effort to relieve the general public in the announced lockdown to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus.

 On this occasion, the Central Government is preparing to increase the limits of the ESIC scheme. It is learned that the government may increase the limit under ESAC to provide medical and case benefits to more and more low-paid employees. The Ministry of Labor has proposed to the Finance Ministry to increase the existing salary limit for employees.

Those with celery will get special benefits
Those with a salary of up to Rs 30,000 will get a special benefit. It is proposed to increase the salary limit for employee tax coverage. He made this proposal Muktoy Che. At present, the salary limit has been increased from Rs. 21,000 to Rs. 30,000. The ESIC scheme will also provide salary protection in case of illness.

Reduce the burden on companies
The scheme will reduce the burden on companies to increase the income limit. At the same time, the load of medical cover required in lockdown will be reduced. At least 12.50 lakh companies are currently benefiting. The benefit of the ESI scheme will benefit those employees whose monthly income is Rs. 21 thousand and who work in a company with at least 10 employees. The monthly income limit was Rs 15,000 until 2016, which was increased to Rs 21,000 from January 1, 2017.

Medical facilities will not be closed
The ESIC has announced that the lockdown will not shut down employees' medical facilities despite companies that have not deposited their annual monopoly contributions. Even such employees need not worry. If their medical card through which they receive medical services is currently expired. They can only get all kinds of services on their old card. ESIC has announced to provide all medical services to the employees by June 30, 2020 despite not depositing annual unit amount to the employees.

Facility to purchase medicines
ESIC also allows employees or other beneficiaries to purchase medicines from private medical stores during the lockdown. Employees will be able to claim the money spent from ESIC after purchasing the drug from a private shop. In this situation, employees who take regular medication and cannot go to the hospital in lockdown will get a lot of relief.

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Employees will be able to get treatment easily
ESIC hospitals that have been converted to COVID-19 hospital need not worry about the staff treating them there. ESIC has entered into agreements with a number of hospitals to provide medical facilities to the employees undergoing regular treatment in these hospitals.

 Even in these hospitals, the staff will be able to get treatment easily. The Employees State Insurance Corporation has given relief to the companies and the last date for submission of contributions for the months of February and March has been extended to 15 May 2020. 

The decision comes in the wake of the lockdown, with 11.56 lakh new members joining the Employees' State Insurance Corporation's social security scheme across the country in February. Earlier in January, ESIC had registered 12.19 lakh, new members.

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