In the last 24 days, 324 more new cases of corona have been reported in Gujarat.

In the last 24 days, 324 more new cases of corona have been reported in Gujarat. 

And in one day, 20 people have died, primarily from the corona. So 13 people were suffering from other serious illnesses, those people have died. Thus, 20 people have died in Gujarat in the last 24 hours. Today 191 people have been discharged.

Thus, the total number of Corona positive cases in the state is now 9592. So the total death toll against Corona has reached 576. While a total of 3753 people have been discharged. The discharge rate in Gujarat is 38.33 percent. Along with this, CMO Front Secretary Ashwini Kumar in his bulletin made an important statement reviewing the current situation in the state regarding Korana's position.
CMO Front Secretary Ashwini Kumar today made an important statement on the distribution of free foodgrains to the poor and middle class in the state from the state government. 

He said in a big announcement that foodgrains would be distributed to NSFA cardholders in the state in the near future. Grain will be distributed free of cost to the poor and middle class in the month of May. NSFA announced to give cardholders an additional three and a half kilos of wheat, one and a half kilos of rice. The foodgrains will be distributed from May 17 to May 27.

On the other hand, an important announcement has been made not to distribute to NFSA cardholders in Ahmedabad city. Grain will be distributed to APL-1 cardholders in Ahmedabad from May 18 to 23. While in Ahmedabad, foodgrains will be distributed to the survivors on the 23rd. He said in a big announcement that the distribution of foodgrains would be arranged on the basis of the last digit of the card. Grain will be distributed to those who have 1 in the last digit of the card on the 17th and those who have 2 on the 18th.

Ashwini Kumar further said that he had announced the launch of Atmanirbhar Gujarat Sahay Yojana. He said that under the scheme, 10 lakh people will get the benefit of the scheme, while those who want to do small business will get a loan of up to Rs 1 lakh as announced by the CM yesterday. 

A credit target of Rs 5,500 crore has been set for it. For this, plan forms will be available at 9000 places in the state. By filling which self-reliant Gujarat Sahay Yojana can be availed.

It may be mentioned here that if we talk about today's cases, 265 cases in Ahmedabad, 13 in Vadodara, 16 in Surat, 3 in Bhavnagar, 3 in Patan, 2 in Panchmahal, 1 in Banaskantha, 6 in Mehsana, 4 in Gir Somnath, 3 in Jamnagar, 1-1 in Aravalli and Mahisagar. Anand 2, Chhota Udepur 4 positive cases were reported The total number of corona positive patients in the state so far is 9592. Of which 43 patients are on a ventilator. So the condition of 5210 patients is stable. So the total number of discharges is 3753 and the number of deaths is 586.

And in the last 24 hours, the highest number of discharge cases has been reported in Ahmedabad. 135 persons have been discharged in Ahmedabad, 8 in Gandhinagar, 4 in Kheda, 8 in Vadodara, 12 in Surat,and 08 in Vadodara.

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