This application will promptly dispose of any problem connected to the facility / Indian Railway.

This application will promptly dispose of any problem connected to the facility / Indian Railway.

Indian Railways always strives to provide better facilities to passengers. Railway passengers have been arranged to complain and diagnose any discomfort during the journey. Apart from this, Railway's 'Rail Assist' application can also help you. With this application you can also see real time feedback on what your complaints are dealing with by rail. This app is available in 12 languages. Let us know how you can take advantage of the 'Rail Help' application.
This is how the 'Rail Madad' app will work

Travelers can make any complaint with the 'Rail Madad' app
Passengers will have to fill in their name and mobile number. Then you can login using OTP.
Travelers have to enter their PNR number to complain.

Western Railway
The 'Rail Madad' app has been designed in such a way that it provides citizen-centric solutions. This application makes travelling easier. #WRKiSawari

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The complaint list will then appear on the screen. Here you can complain.
In this app you can upload a complaint complaint as well as a complaint.
This will help the Railways get a real time complaint and you can continuously track the feedback on your complaint.
As you can tell, travelers using the app can also complain about commuters traveling to General Coach.


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