This app is detecting your mobile phone, delete it immediately or bad result

This app is detecting your mobile phone, delete it immediately or bad result

If you use a smartphone you need to be careful now. There is now an app on the Google Play Store that will start spying on your smartphone as soon as it is installed. Worryingly, more than 100 million people have downloaded this application so far. Cyber ​​experts have also announced that the application should be deleted immediately. This application is named SuperVPN Free VPN Client.

Was on the Google Store for years
This app has been lying on the Google Play Store for years. Now researchers have come to realize that many dangerous codes are hidden in them. This code damages users' data. According to VPN Pro's research team, this app poses a lot of risks. Which can hack the banking details as well as personal and profile data of the users?

Look live on the phone

The code present in the application gives hackers all sorts of information about the phone. Hackers can decrypt the communications of users' devices and VPN providers through this application. Whenever a Chrome browser is opened by a user, either a video call is made or the video information is accessed by hackers via the server and smartphone as soon as a video call is made. VPN Pro has informed Google of this threat. The latest version of Super VPN also has such weaknesses. Due to which the privacy of users is at risk.

Google has deleted the free version
Now, it seems, Google is not happy to bring a free app to its Play Store. This is why this dangerous version has been deleted. However, Google has now blocked more downloads. But he is still spying on the device in which he is present. The best part is that the application can be deleted without any thought.