Big advertising for the poor will be provided free of cost by the government...

Big advertising for the poor will be provided free of cost by the government...Several new advertisements have been made in the Gujarat Budget 2020-21.

It covers the middle class, rural areas, farmers, ranchers and small traders. Like the Government of India, Kisan Transport Scheme has been announced. 30 crore has been provided at the primary stage.

Many new announcements in Gujarat Budget 3-5
The middle class, rural area, covered farmers, ranchers, small traders
Announcement of Kisan Transport Scheme
Many expectations were met regarding the Gujarat Government's budget for the year 2020-21. Many of the announcements made are new projects.

Farmers' Dinkar Yojana
A new Dinkar scheme was announced to provide power supply during the farmers' day. The scheme is planned for the next three years to strengthen the transmission network and establish 3500 crore for setting up new sub stations. 500 crore was provided for this.

Power supply will be provided during the farmers' day
Announcement of Dinkar Yojana
The transmission network will be strengthened in the next three years
1 crore planned for setting up of new sub stations
1 crore provision

There is a lockdown nationwide until April 14 due to the Corona virus. Frightened people are buying goods and filling them in their homes so that they do not have to face trouble in the coming days. In many places shoppers have started to take advantage of this opportunity. Manma Tax is being levied with consumers. If you too are facing this problem, the government can file a complaint at home.

The easiest way to make a complaint

You can complain about consumer issues online by going to
You can file a complaint again by calling Consumer Toll Free Number 14404 ie 1800-11-4000.
Consumer can complain by sending an SMS to 130009809. After receiving the SMS, the consumer will be called and complained.
Do you have the right

The right to security means the right to access the right goods and services. If an item or service is dangerous to a consumer's life and property, they have the right to protection against it.

The information officer, ie the consumer, has the right to know about the quality, quantity, strength, purity, standard and cost of goods and services. That means, if a shopper or supplier and the company does not give you the correct information about the goods or goods, you can make a case against them.

Gujarat to provide free grain to the poor: 3 crore people will benefit, from April 1st
Special provision for providing essential commodities in Gujarat: 21 days free food will be provided to the poor, 3 crore people will benefit.
Gujarat to provide free grain to the poor: 3 crore people will benefit, from April 1st
3.50 kg wheat, 1.50 kg rice will be provided per person
1 kg of sugar per family, 1 kg of lentils and 1 kg of salt will be provided for free
An important decision for the farmers will be given three months to complete the loan

Gandhinagar: The state government has ensured that the supply of essential commodities to the citizens of the state remains unobtrusive and regular, in the event of a 21-day declared lockdown to prevent global epidemic corona infection from spreading to the country and state. Some important decisions were taken at a high level meeting held in the presence of Chief Minister Vijay Rupani and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel in the case of Corona virus. In the wake of the announcement of the lockdown, the families who are making a living by eating and drinking daily are getting into trouble. However, an important decision has been made by Chief Minister Vijay Rupani for these families. Rupani has announced to give free food to poor families for 21 days. Which will be implemented from April 1st. Grain will be given to ration card holders from 1st April. A total of 30 million people, including the workers, the poor, the workers, will benefit.

Cereals will be provided per person
For one month from 1st April, 3.50 kg wheat, 1.50 kg rice and 1 kg sugar per family, 1 kg lentils and 1 kg salt will be provided free of cost at a government-approved cheap grain shop for one month from 1st April. The Chief Minister said that the state government has been planning seriously to supply life-saving goods or any other essential services so that the small and poor families will not face any problem in the state, as the Prime Minister has announced the lockdown to protect the citizens from the transit of Corona. Is.

There will be no shortage of essential things in life in any place in the state
In the present scenario, a video conference will be held with the flour mills associations of the state metropolis Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Rajkot and Vanabandhu area to facilitate all citizens to get wheat flour, chickpea flour and other flour in the essential supplies. Ashwini Kumar categorically stated that the complete arrangement of the supply or distribution of essential commodities in any place in the state has been ensured under the guidance of the Chief Minister.

In the state, revenue of 100 million liters of milk per day will be available in adequate quantities.
The Chief Minister's Secretary termed these decisions as saying that milk, vegetables, fruits, cereals, groceries are being made available to all citizens in the state at present. The system will be maintained and the state government officer will be appointed to monitor and coordinate the revenue collection and distribution of milk to 18 major milk unions, including Banasaderi, Sumul, Sabar, Panchmahal Amul Dairy, to ensure that milk supply or vegetable fruits are not adversely affected. General Chat Chat Lounge The state has a revenue of 10 million liters of milk daily and approximately one million liters of milk pouches are distributed. From the milk parlor in the state, this distribution system will continue to operate regularly and adequate supply of milk will be available in coming days.

Integration will be made to keep the vegetables available
He said that Gujarat has more than 53 thousand quintals of vegetables daily. It consists mainly of green vegetables, potatoes, onions and tomatoes. Officers will oversee the cooperation of the Secretary of the Co-operation Department at 75 APMCs in the state to ensure that the vegetables and fasting are available for those fasting during the commencement of Chaitri Navratri. The cold storage system for vegetables such as potatoes and onions will also be integrated, he added.

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In Gujarat, vegetables are also available from neighboring states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The Chief Minister has instructed the Chief Secretary of the state to keep arrangements in touch with the Principal Secretary of the state concerned so that this quantity also comes regularly, so as not to cause any problem to the vehicles coming. Vehicles and ferries carrying these vegetables to towns, cities and villages in the fruit-bearing state will be coordinated with the Director General of Police, to ensure that no problems are encountered.