Lockdown / Will Lockdown Still Apply After April 14th? Find out what the government answered

Lockdown / Will Lockdown Still Apply After April 14th? Find out what the government answered

A lockdown has been set in the country for 21 days in view of the Corona virus crisis. So this will be in effect until April 14. They are thus questioning whether lockdown will continue even after April 14. This has led to a reaction from the government. When Union Minister Prakash Javadekar was asked about this at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting, he replied.
Lockdown until April 14 in the country over the Corona crisis
Corona virus cases are still on the rise
Will Lockdown Continue After April 14?
Prakash Javadekar said that we are keeping an eye on the state of the world every minute. The decision will be made in the national interest. When the time comes, it will be decided and you will be informed. He said that the authorities were assessing some group status.

It may be recalled that some decisions were taken in the Cabinet meeting, which was informed by Prakash Javadekar. The meeting also decided that the President, the Prime Minister and all MPs would cut their wages by up to 30% for a year, given the ongoing corona crisis in the country. Apart from this, the MP fund has also been avoided for 2 years. Prakash Javadekar said that the MP's funds will also be spent in the fight against Corona. Javadekar said that this decision will take effect from April 1, 2020.

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The Corona virus is not named in the country. The number of patients is constantly increasing. According to the data released by the Health Ministry on Monday, the number of patients has crossed four thousand. So far 109 people have died from Corona virus in India and 4067 have been infected. The number of patients recovering is 232. 

In the last 24 hours, 32 people have died and 693 new cases have come up. The country is facing a lockdown for 21 days, which will run until April 14, in view of the growing case of the Corona virus.
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