Labour & Employment Good News During LokDown 2020.

Labour & Employment Good News During LokDown

So as to give appropriate consideration towards the work and business related issues and with an article to give rapid required business and for intentional arranging, the Labor and Employment Department has been independently settled on seventeenth July, 1980.

Approaches, Rules and Programs for the issues identified with the Labor Welfare, Employment, Training and Human Empowerment by this Department. Government assistance Measures are taken and Programs for Employment Creation for laborers are likewise arranged.
The Principal Secretary is the leader of the Labor and Employment Department.

The Policies, Rules, and Orders defined by the Government are executed by Heads of the Departments under the authoritative control of the Department.
Executive of Employment and Training
Executive of Labor
Executive Industrial Safety and Health
Executive of Boilers (Wing of Commissioner of Labor)
Rustic Labor Commissioner
Mahatma Gandhi Labor Institute 
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