How To Check Your Ration card holders One thousand rupees cash assistance will be paid.

How To Check Your Ration card holders One thousand rupees cash assistance will be paid.| Ration card holders One thousand rupees cash assistance will be paid | One thousand rupees cash assistance will be paid to ration card holders Todays.

There will be no Aadhaar link or bank account details. Will be paid after 3

The BPL and Antyodaya ration card holders in Rajkot city district will be able to pay Rs 2.5 lakh ration cardholders and 4 lakh ration cardholders across the state from tomorrow.

According to these sources, the ration cardholders who have linked the Aadhaar card and also given the bank account number will start distributing it from tomorrow.

 And the survey of ration card holders whose Aadhaar card link is pending and have not even given bank details is underway. It will be completed in a day or two and cash assistance will be paid to such people from the 4th. The amount will be credited directly to the bank account of each ration cardholder.

Out of a total of 3 lakh beneficiary families in Gujarat, including Rajkot, only 3% of the ration cardholders have bank account details with the government and the Aadhaar card link is also missing in most cases. 

To expedite all these operations, the supply department has issued a list of ration cardholders to all the traders of cheap foodgrains registered there and after updating the list, the assistance amount will be credited directly to the beneficiary's bank account.

If in any case the person whose name is in the ration card as the main person has passed away, the name of the next person is also asked to provide support and bank details.
Announcement of Rs.1000 assistance to 2 lakh ration card holders but only 3% card update

The government has decided to pay Antyodaya, BPL, and NFS ration cardholders Rs 1 lakh in their bank accounts directly to their bank accounts. But when the decision came to fruition, the government suddenly came to know that out of 6 lakh, only 4 percent of ration cardholders' bank accounts have been registered in the government books and hence it is not possible to pay assistance to 5 percent ration cardholders at the present stage.

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The instruction has come from Gandhinagar to verify the bank account details of the 5% ration card holders and send it to the Rai government. And all the Deputy Collectors and Province Officers have been entrusted with this task. The traders have been outraged as the provincial authorities have shifted the operation to the supply zonal office and the zonal office has shifted all the responsibility of verification to the traders of cheap foodgrains.

According to traders, we have done this in the past in 2013, 2014 and 2015. However, the pressure on us continued and we went to the High Court on this issue at that time. Even though the High Court did not give the job to the cheap grain traders at that time, they have given us the job again.

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Responsibility is being thrown between the cheap grain traders and the Collectorate over who will carry out the verification and it is likely that millions of poor families will be deprived of the government's cash assistance of Rs 1,000.

 At present, a list of BPL, Antyodaya, and NFS ration cardholders registered at their shops has been handed over to each trader of cheap foodgrains from Collector Tatra.