Government developed SETU app aimed to provide protection against covid 19

Coronavirus / Corona Threatened by Government Alarming Government's Awesome App Downloaded More than A Million Times.

Government developed SETU app aimed to provide protection against covid 19 gets 1 crore downloads in a span of 4 days

The government developed the SETU app aimed at providing protection against COVID 19 gets 1 crore downloads in a span of 4 days

The Health Ministry of the Government of India has recently launched an app called Health Setu to fight the coronavirus epidemic. This app has been downloaded more than a million times in just four days. Trying to get more people to download it.

This app will alert you of Corona threat based on location
Railway employees and CRPF personnel ordered to download this app
The Railway Ministry has asked its five lakh employees to download the app. The human resources ministry has also asked all the people, students, and teachers connected with educational institutions to install the Health Bridge app. The Home Ministry has also ordered all CRPF personnel to install the app.

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Source: ANI
This app will tell you the level of risk you are having with Corona. It tells you how much you are at risk of coronas, based on the information given on the Self Assessment Test, symptoms such as illnesses, and your location. It states how much you need to show to the test and to the doctor. Depending on the information you provide when downloading this app, the app will tell you how much you are at risk for coronas. If so, does testing require that quarantine work? If you need a test, where can you do it? You have to keep the app running in the background all the time. You also have to have Bluetooth location on.

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The app's privacy policy claims that the data will only be used by the Indian government. Your name or number will not be disclosed. It will only be used to alert personal information or provide other information. You can still have the information after installing the app.
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