Coronavirus / WhatsApp decision to stop rumors,

Coronavirus / WhatsApp decision to stop rumors, now a message can be sent to only one person at a time.

 Forward Message Limit To Curb Fake News During Coronaviru

 Corona's name is not going to stop, and meanwhile WhatsApp, the world's most popular app, has made a big decision.

  In fact, rumors are currently circulating about Corona virus on WhatsApp and social media.  So WhatsApp has now limited message forwarding. 

 In which WhatsApp users can now forward any message to only one user at a time.  Previously, a message had the ability to forward five people at a time.

 WhatsApp took this decision on face message forward

 WhatsApp has now limited message forwarding

 In India, more than 40 million people use WhatsApp

 In fact, all kinds of fake news are being shared on social media over the Corona virus, which is a challenge for companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook. 

 With this in mind, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has set a new limit for message forwarding, in which you can forward messages to only one person at a time.

 In the past, Facebook has taken such a decision to impose faked news on its platform.  While Google is also flagging Fake News.  Apart from this, micro-blogging site Twitter is also filtering to prevent fake news.

 This decision from WhatsApp is much appreciated.  That being said, the company's decision is welcome.  This will definitely help prevent fak news.  As you can tell, there are more than two billion active users of WhatsApp worldwide, while over 40 million people in India use WhatsApp.

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