Coronavirus / PM may be behind Modi's lockdown

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a Cabinet meeting on Monday asked central ministers to list 10 areas that could be faxed after the lockdown. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a Cabinet meeting on Monday asked central ministers to list 10 areas that could be faxed after the lockdown.

The Covid-19 government will be the first to pay attention after the ongoing lockdown because of Corona. Talking to central agencies through video conference, PM Modi has asked the ministries to create a Business Continuity Plan. In the meantime, he has told each of the departments that he should also prepare an index on how to make 'Make in India' work through his work.

PM Modi made lockdown tactics

The Ministers were asked to prepare a list of 10 areas and prepare them
The ministries were asked to become a business continuity plan
Opportunity to become self-reliant in the medical sector

Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for reducing our dependence on other countries. The first thing to do is slowly focus on these sections which are not hotspots for the Covid-19 Corona. PM Modi said during this crisis, we have the opportunity to become self-reliant in the medical sector.

Ministers in constant touch of state and district system
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According to information received by the Prime Minister's Office (PMO), PM Modi praised the leadership of the ministers and said that their constant feedback was helping to resolve the Corona strategy. PM Modi said that it was essential that all ministers be in constant touch with the states and the district system.

The central government estimates how many masks and ventilators will be needed next month
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Protests on the black market complaint

PM Modi said that it should also be taken to ensure that the crowd does not get crowded at the Public Distribution System Center and is well monitored. With this, action will be taken immediately upon receipt of complaint by the people.

The economy has to work fast

On the damage to the economy caused by Corona, he said the government would have to take swift action to end its impact. All ministers will have to prepare a business continuity plan.

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