Central Government of Clarification From tomorrow The decision to allow businesses to open a shop

Central Government of Clarification From tomorrow The decision to allow businesses to open a shop: The decision to allow shopkeepers, large and small, to open a shop.

The state government will provide small and big shopkeepers and business people on Sunday. An important decision has been made that the shop will be allowed to open from April 26. Then the addicts were happy to hear this news. And a question came to their mind that, let me tell you, what kind of shops the state government has allowed to open. Let me inform you that this decision has been taken by the State Government in pursuance of the guidelines of the Central Government.

What is the clarification of the Central Government The Home Ministry said in an order on Friday that from April 25, only shops registered under the Shops and Establishments Act will be allowed in all the states and Union Territories of the country. Wearing masks in shops and maintaining social distance will also be mandatory for shopkeepers. Shopkeepers do not even have to go to the collector to get a pass. Shopkeepers will be able to keep their clerk's license and open shops.

Restrictions will continue in hotspot zones The government has also allowed the opening of essentials shops in rural areas. However, the order will not apply to Corona's hotspot zone and the ban on opening all types of shops here will continue. Let me tell you that only shops with essential items were allowed to open during the lockdown. These include grocery, vegetable and fruit shops. Now the government has relaxed this rule.
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The bar, the club will also be closed
The home ministry on Friday also ordered the closure of bars and clubs. A decision on this will be taken only after the end of the lockout. Explain that the Punjab government had sought the permission of the Home Ministry and said that liquor shops should be allowed to open. But the central government has rejected the Punjab government's demand.

According to the Home Ministry, shops across the country will remain closed till further orders. Apart from this, the ban on the sale of tobacco and gutkha will continue as before.

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States have banned spitting in public, so a complete ban on the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and gutkha will continue as per the Home Ministry guidelines. In addition, a decision on whether the salon can be opened will be made by evening. Even shoe stores cannot be opened. According to the government, shops selling non-necessities of life will not open.