This is the simple solution if internet speed is low during work from home

This is the simple solution if internet speed is low during work from home 2020.

The entire country has been locked up for 21 days due to the corona virus. In which government and non-governmental companies have asked their overworked employees to work from home. If you are also doing work from home then good internet speed is very important for you.

Speed ​​can also be boosted

If you have a broadband connection and are running slow, there may be several reasons. Speed ​​can also be boosted. For which you have to take basic steps. The first thing you need to do is check the speed of the Internet. There are several Sprrdtest websites for that.

Trouble with a computer or local network

If you are getting enough speed after doing a speed check, but you still do not browse well, that means there is a problem with your computer or local network. Which can be done better. If the speed is not getting good, you should inform your internet service provider and file a complaint. Many companies also offer help on Twitter. You can also tag your complaint by tagging there.

Reboot your router

Also if you are accessing WiFi through the router, you will have to reboot your router once again. Whichever way you switch off the man, wait at least 5 seconds and then turn on the router a second time. Connect it to your laptop a second time.

Replacing the router is also an option

Often replacing a router can also be an option. If someone else is in the room and you are not working there, look in such a situation that the router does not have any construct object. So keep the router in clear space if you have a router extender and you can use it, so that connectivity can be improved.

Do not use the microwave

The home has a microwave and you want 100% internet connectivity or if you are making video calls, do not use the microwave, in the meantime switch off your microwave. If you are using WiFi in a closed room, open the door. Occasionally, even small things like this make a big difference in the signal. Remove the cable from the router and hold it off for 5 to 7 seconds and check the speed of the Internet by placing the cable a second time.
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  • This is the simple solution if internet speed is low during work from home
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