The Corona virus, which has started to spread from Wuhan, China, is taking thousands of people into its trash daily.

The Corona virus, which has started to spread from Wuhan, China, is taking thousands of people into its trash daily.

 The number of people infected with this virus is increasing every day.

  Scientists from all over the world are working day and night in search of a vaccine for the virus.  In the meantime Indian scientists have had great success.  India has become the fifth country to succeed in isolating the Covid-19 virus.

 84 cases of corona virus confirmed in India

 India has previously been successful in isolating China, Japan, Thailand and the US virus.  It is important that more than 5,000 people are killed due to corona virus worldwide, while more than 1.35 million people are infected.  In India alone, 84 cases of corona virus have been confirmed and 2 people have died so far.  "Corona virus does not come easily into isolation," says Raman Gangahedkar, an ICMR scientist at the Indian Council of Medical Research.  Winning it isolates it is a big success. "

 It will be easier to make and test the drug

 "It will make it easier to make and test the drug, because testing of each drug requires its virus, against which the drug is made," he said.  If understood simply, scientists have now succeeded in keeping samples of the corona virus out of the human body.

  "This is a huge success, as it will help in the preparation of medicines, vaccines and testing kits," says Balaram Bhargava, a doctor at ICMR.  "If everything goes under control, we will get control of the corona virus within 30 days," he said.

 The Corona virus vaccine has not yet been made

 "Isolation of the corona virus was difficult, because the number of people infected with coronas in India is very low," he said.  ICMR experts say, "Isolation of the corona virus will also make it easier to get information about how it was produced and its biology as well." 

 It is important that there is no cure for the corona virus, nor has any vaccine been made so far.  Lopinavir and ritonavir used against HIV in the treatment of AIDS have been used on all patients with Covid-19, but scientists say how much it benefited, it is not yet known.

 6,500 samples have been tested

 So far, 65 labs are working across the country to investigate the corona virus.  The capacity of a laboratory is to examine 90 samples.  So far 6,500 samples of 5,900 people have been tested.  So far, 5,438 people have died from the virus, while 1,45,858 have been infected worldwide.

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