Now WhatsApp is bringing in rumors to launch this new feature, launching soon

Now WhatsApp is bringing in rumors to launch this new feature, launching soon 2020.

The country is currently battling an epidemic of corona virus. In the meantime, there are different rumors going on on social media. Different types of claims are being made. Which works to mislead the masses. Now WhatsApp has taken an initiative to curb rumors. WhatsApp is bringing a feature that will stop rumors. Corona is not related to the original via WhatsApp or does not seem to be spreading any rumors at all.

WhatsApp is working on a new feature with this in mind. Which can be helpful in working on rumors. This feature will cross-check the message in your mobile. So you also know how much fact lies in knowing.

According to WhatsApp's Beta Info, WhatsApp's Beta update provides the option to search the forwarded message freely. Which will help show the label of the WhatsApp message. So that the number of times the message you receive has been forwarded. So that having a message on the top list will make it easy to understand how much of the message you have come across and how much has been shot in the air. If the message is included in the top list then it can be considered a rumor.

This new feature of WhatsApp will come with forwarded message in the form of a magnifying glass icon. If you click on the magnifying glass as soon as the forward message arrives, it will do a Google search and inform you. Confirmed by WhatsApp that the feature is currently undergoing testing. This feature will be updated soon.

A WhatsApp spokesman says the only purpose of bringing this feature to fruition is to stop the rumors from spreading. Falsehood does not feel bad for a while. This is why this feature is being updated. Not long ago at CAA-NCR in India, the social networking site WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter spread false and misleading stories. As a result, there was a tension in the country.
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  • Now WhatsApp is bringing in rumors to launch this new feature, launching soon
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