Maa Card & ayushman card & maa amrutam card & pradhan mantri jan arogya card update

On August 8, the Prime Minister of the country announced Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY). This plan is the largest health insurance plan in the world. Under this scheme, about 10 crore households in the country, ie about 10 crore people, will get 5 lakh health insurance every year. An estimated 8 crore rural households and 2.4 million urban households will benefit from this scheme. Similarly, about 5% of the population of the country will get health insurance. The beneficiary families will get free treatment at the government and private hospitals connected

Who will benefit from the scheme?

The benefit of the scheme will be for all the families identified as poor during the year 1 census. There is no limit to the size of the family or the size of the scheme. And yes, people / families who have become poor after 5 will not benefit from this scheme!

How to check your name

You can check online whether your name is in the PMJAY plan. For this you have to open website.

After opening the website, put your mobile number and security code provided in the box there. Then click on Generate OTP button so an OTP will appear on your mobile. Input this OTP on the website and click on Submit button.

If this is your name in the scheme, then after a few minutes your information like your name, address will come to the right and SMS will be sent to the mobile number you have entered.

How to get benefits?
The beneficiary does not need any special card for the PMJAY scheme. The beneficiary will have a “Lifetime Help Desk” in each of the government and private hospitals associated with the scheme only to establish their identity. Where the beneficiary has to prove his / her eligibility, documents. Once the eligibility has been proved, the beneficiary will not have to spend a single rupee for the treatment up to 5 lakh.
Currently PMJAY scheme does not apply in Delhi, West Bengal, Orissa, Kerala, Telangana and Punjab! Because such a scheme is applicable in some of those states, and some states want their own scheme

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